GLITCHED is coming October 15th!

Hey everyone!

We've announced it on other platforms, but for everyone here- GLITCHED is coming October 15th, 2019! 

Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered. You'll be able to download the full version here when the game goes live in October.  In the next three months, we'll still be touching up the demo a few more times. Most of these small updates will address some performance issues.  The next update (which is coming in a few weeks) will FINALLY include the Mac version. Sorry to everyone who is waiting! 

That's it for now. If you're playing the demo, head over to the GLITCHED Discord for some fun. 



Pre-order Now$15.00 USD or more


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Right on my brithday! :D


Bought my pre-order in February 2018...I was checking the news every month.
Demo was so gooood xD

the demo really was though! cant believe it's  almost here

i refused to take the menu item and what a trip that was