The final demo up is here! After a long time making changes and tinkering with code, the new build is ready to be tested. This is still a new build, so there are going to be plenty of bugs, spelling errors, and crashes. This demo will get updated several times. If you want a smoother experience, consider waiting a bit while I work through things. Around mid-January things will run much better.

Here is a list of new features this demo contains.

  • A new over-world to travel between zones.
  • New HUB world content.
  • New areas, conflicts, battles, and more.
  • More options, smoother movement, and improved camera.
  • Books and music saved in menu to access later.
  • Universal cards that all members can equip.
  • Some choices depend on essence %, offering more depth.

There are still a few more things to add over the next two months.. Here is a list of some of things coming with the smaller updates.

  • Active Magic
  • Fix the 'Turn Off Flashes' option.
  • Controller Support
  • Bebo Farm
  • More arena fights.
  • A secret, final encounter.
  • Bug & spelling fixes.
  • Better performance for low-end computers.
  • More cards.
  • More achievements. 

If you want to talk about the new demo, the GLITCHED Discord is fairly active and a good place to ask questions or to report bugs. I am very active there so if you need to ask a question or just want to say hello- feel free to stop by.

The first bug fixes will start rolling out in about two weeks. Until then, stay creamy. 

Nikko - En House Studios


GLITCHED Demo (Windows) 200 MB
Dec 20, 2018


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The background of this page kind of glitches and flickers when I scroll through!

Unexpected, but not unwanted features!


When will the Mac version of this final demo be available?

Giant Salami