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I'm at the verge of tears right now I dislike the queen she's much too hard for me... I'm thinking about starting the demo over again because I think may have made it impossible for me some how...

Edit: I just want to be able to share my sandwich with Steve...

Here is part 4! Glad you guys seem to love it!

check out my gameplay pretty chill game reminds me of snes games cheers.

I enjoyed this demo so much! Props to the developers for working on such a great game! Full support from over here! If you're interested in checking out what the game is like, my full playthrough can be viewed from the links below!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Oh. Wow!

Alright here is part three of the demo playthrough! I really want to thank everyone watching along with us too! Really awesome reactions!

I like the demo a lot.

But I wish there was a 3DS version of said demo, I honestly prefer my RPGs there. What are the chances of the 3DS stretch goal getting funded as of now?

I made a post about my thoughts on the demo

how many easter egg name quotes are there?

Two manny too count.

im guessing 21

im guessing 21

I'm really enjoying this title so far, its got a very unique charm to it! ^^

Here is the second part of my full playthrough of the demo. Seriously awesome demo, and I really can't wait for the full thing.



This is one of those times where I regret not having a job. I really want to support the Kickstarter!

Your kind words are support enough! If you really wanna help though, spread the word about GLITCHED. We wanna share our demo with as many people as possible!


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Thank you so much for an awesome demo! This feels more complete then most games hitting early access these days. Really enjoy the story and the gameplay and am very intrigued as to where the story is going. I made a little let's play and put it up on youtube telling people to check out the game!

Hey thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!


This game is sick. For a demo it was really immersive, innovative, fun and absolute perfection. I did a full playthrough of the game on my channel

Thanks! Great playthrough!

This game is awesome so far~ I hope to see more of it soon, I got really into the story<3 love the pixel style btw!

I have not yet been played but its really nice graphics, sorry for the bad english, I'm french 

I know I'm not the first nor the last person to say this; but the "interaction" part of combat reminds me a lot of Undertale. So much so that it was all I could really think of during a fight.

Just throwing in my two cents, but I feel like something should be implemented to make it feel more...unique. Just as an example, maybe offer different rewards for combat vs. interacting. Like if an exp system is added, combat nets more exp, but interacting nets more money/items, or each adds toward a certain essence.

I'm not saying I dislike the interaction, just that it needs to be built upon, to make it more GLITCHED and less like similar systems. I know everything will be improved upon as development progresses, and maybe I missed an aspect of interacting and combat on my single playthrough, but I just wanted to add my thoughts.

We have plans to improve upon our combat mechanics. Quite honestly, we spent the least amount of time on combat for the demo due to time constraints. We will not only alter and improve the interaction mechanic, but we will also improve number balancing, party mechanics, and much more!

Stay tuned as we will release more on this throughout development.

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Glad to hear! And I just realized after making the comment that exp was off the table. Oops

Still, only advice I can give as just a guy on the sidelines is try to make it seem like both are valid options in very battle. Like, don't vilify and glorify one or the other, make them equal, if that makes sense at all.

happy to know you guys are taking feedback from everyone though! Good luck!

Alright! So I wanted to report a bug. I saved in front of the second shrine in the forest and this error came up:

I'm using the No Effects version on Windows 7 64bit.

The game is supossed to end when you leave the starting area, correct? I was playing and when I left the first town it just closed the window.

The demo includes an extra one and a half zones after leaving Betwixt. If the window closes immediately after the 'Prologue' message pops up on screen, you may have a corrupted download. If the problem persists please try re-downloading and trying again.

Did a full playthrough of the demo and loved it! Went and supported on Kickstarter as well, and can't wait to continue the game for our channel! Here's the first video!


Hey there! Thanks for your support and praise. I really enjoyed the video, and am excited to watch the rest of the series. Thank you for taking the time to make a video series for GLITCHED!

-Justin @ En House Studios

Thanks a lot! The other parts should be out before long and I will be sure to post them here.


I played the demo and honestly I'm loving what I've seen so far (and I pretty sure I haven't seen everything the demo has to offer yet). I feel like the battle system might use some improvements, though, for example, it's almost like the characters get -too many- abilities from the get-go. There are so many status effects you're dishing out all the time it gets a little bit confusing, plus it kinda makes it feel like those status effects don't matter all that much. Especially since you're only limited by cooldowns, so there's really no reason not to spam them all the time. Also, the attack animations and the various icons don't seem to match the overall aesthetics of the game.

With all that said, I know this is just a demo, and a lot may (and probably will) change in the full version. So, given that the story is intriguing, the graphics are lovely and the music charming, I'm looking forward to the full release :D


Thanks for playing! We are definitely taking more steps to ease progression in the battle system and to also make sure that combat is a bit more unique, satisfying, and strategic. Also, all of the animations & icons will get a complete overhaul, they were default graphics unfortunately.

Oh, gosh. This is such an interesting little game, and honestly? The only thing that upset me was that there wasn't more! I truly cannot wait until it comes out. I only encountered one problem, and that was that I had messed with the key input didn't put a key in for "continue" (essentially the enter key, whatever its action was) and had to re-download. I'm not sure if it was fixed in the last update, but...Either way, I'll be looking forward to its release, and might actually spend money on it! (I'm a cheapskate.) Congrats on the awesome demo!

I have a Mac and have downloaded the game. The one issue I have is that whenever I start up the game, I get this glitchy looking screen. The game itself runs perfectly fine, but the screen is glitchy; even when I start a New Game. I'm not sure why it's doing that. I've tried the V3 and V4 ones and got the same result. Is anyone else with the Mac version having this problem? Is there a way to fix it?

We've tested it on Mac and couldn't replicate it. Someone else reported the same bug so we are working on it. Sorry for the invoience!


I have only one issue with the game: If you choose to use 'Interact' to try and win a fight, I feel the game does a poor job of letting you know if what you're doing is working or not and it can become more tedious repetition, especially during the boss fight where you have to do the pattern nearly perfectly to survive.

I look EXTREMELY forward to the game and have already pledged so that I can get my copy. It will be a steam code, right?


We'll definitely be overhauling that system as a whole. We have some plans for it that didn't quite make it into the demo. Thank you for backing and supporting us! You'll be able to get a steam key as well!


Glad to get a reply from you. Can't wait till 2018! Long way to wait so I hope things go extra well and you finish early ^^!


Its now there, thank u :)

idk if I'm just a dummy, but I can't find the download button :P

Me neither.

Sorry, new verison must have been going up!


Can't wait for the full version to come out! I did a full play through of the demo the first time I played and I was blown away!

I am in love with this demo. Now i am really excited for the full game. The characters are adorable and i love the 4th wall breaking. And the graphic is lovely and beautiful. Huge respect and big applause to the makers.

Just amazing...

Thanks for the kind words! Are you Lavaawarriot from Danzo's stream?

This demo is great so far and I cannot wait to buy the full game! Small issue though, during the dialogue about being afraid to leave Betwixt and facing fears, part of the sentence cuts off around "at once".

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I'm amazed! The Kickstarter only started last week and you guys already raised $15,000.

I actually wanted to tell you that there is goning to be an Indie game event called Bit Bash. It's main focus is Indie developers from Chicago showcasing their games. People can meet the developers and play their games. It starts on August 13th. You guys can register to showcase your game at and their website

Oh yeah it's also in Chicago.

I hope to see you there! :^)


Amazing! You guys definitely put in a lot of hard work and it shows. Color me impressed. Can't wait for the final product. -JB

I was smug and impatient at first but then this unthinkable player character related thing happens and I now realize that started converting me and then all these cool characters appear... looking forward to more! Still gotta beat that [spoiler]kitty[/spoiler] though. Also I'm actually interested in the relationship between the two main people (as far as I can tell so far) now that I think of it. That's rare.. nice..

What happened to your account? "This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations." What did you do o_O

YouTube bug. Fixed now.


So the demo is fantastic so far! I love the 4th wall breaking story aspect, the Earthbound inspired combat, the characters, so much. I have one MAJOR complaint though. When trying to configure the keys, it is possible for the menu to shut before every action has a corresponding key to go with it and can make the game completely unplayable!! Thus, I had to delete the demo entirely and start all the way over again. Of course it wasn't too far back, but enough to greatly annoy me. Like I said, I cannot WAIT for this game to be released and I'm certain it will be phenomenal when it is. However, PLEASE fix this bug, as I'd hate to hear that is still an issue when the full game is released. Thank you and fantastic work on this!

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! We will work on a fix and hopefully it will be in the next update!

I just downloaded the demo, but it won't play.

Wow.... we have never seen this one before, have you tried redownloading the demo? Which version did you download?

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I tried both windows demos, and both showed that same screen. I redownloaded both not long after but the same thing happened.

Edit: Tried redownloading again to no avail. Neither of the windows demos are working for me.

I could be wrong, but it looks like another tool you have downloaded is opening the exe. Have you tried running as admin, or in compatibility mode? It probably wont fix a default program opening the exe, but who knows. It could also be that the zip file isnt downloadling properly, and the file is corrupt.

Really minor bug, but if you push esc while on the 'en house studios' splash screen before the main menu appears, a party menu shows up.

Thanks for your report! We will have it fixed in the next update.

The demo is out? Awesome! I first saw this on the RPGMaker website and to see it somewhere else like this is exciting.


this seems like a lovely game so far! the art style is phenomenal and i just adore all of the characters so far <3 i can't wait to see the whole thing!

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